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So, how do I help you get what you want?  One word: communication.


What is Successful Communication?

When I first decided to make Communication the central focus of my life coaching practice, I asked myself, "what IS successful communication anyway?"  We use the word "Communication" frequently in all areas of our lives and each of us certainly knows when we DON'T have good communication, but what are the essential key ingredients necessary for effective communication?

I think you'll agree that when all of the 7 pieces below come together, the result is something magnificent:  Truly Great Communication....which leads to a Truly Great Life (where you actually get what you want).

The 6 C's and the "Big L" of Successful Communication: 

Compassion, Clarity, Cohesion, Calm, Creativity & Courage.....and the "Big L": Listening

Compassion:  In all communication, even with the most challenging people, if there is Compassion for the other person's point of view -- from at least one of the parties involved -- this is an excellent starting point.  Holding onto Compassion -- in choice of words, tone and body language -- no matter how the conversation progresses or what decisions are made, the outcome will be respectful.

Clarity:   For most of us, probably the most important end result that we are looking for in good communication is to be understood.  There must be Clarity in all communication or what's the point after all?  If the message itself is misunderstood or unclear, all participants are doomed from the start.  The more simple and clear the words used, the greater chance that the message you are trying to express will be understood by all (or at least some) of those involved....and who doesn't want to be understood?

Cohesion:  Along with clarity, every message we want to communicate must have Cohesion.  If the message is scattered, vague or unfocused, confusion results (a "C" that we definitely don't want in our communication).  Making one's point step by step in a cohesive way, one message at a time, keeps the listener from becoming confused and anxious.  When all the pieces of a message fit together in a cohesive way, communication truly becomes the Art Form it is meant to be.

Calm:  This ingredient is absolutely critical to all communication.  No matter how controversial or emotional the topic, at least one of the people in the conversation must make every effort to remain Calm.  By slowing down the pace of the conversation, using a respectful tone and keeping the focus on one message at a time, communication can be a beautiful thing.  Even when one is anxious or troubled inside, expressing oneself in a calm, quiet way can keep the communication from deteriorating or getting out of control.

Creativity:  The word Creativity may not immediately leap to mind when thinking about communication, but it is something very much missing from communication in our world -- and it is a vital necessary ingredient to improving one's communication skills.  Putting technology aside for a moment (we'll get to that later), talking (i.e verbal communication) is still one of the most common means of communication that humans use to express themselves....but what about all the ways we sometimes forget to use?   There is no more powerful form of communication than the non-verbal - the hug, the knowing smile, the wink, the handshake, the pat on the back, the encouraging nod, a card in the mail, the loving text message....on and on and on.  Whenever communication begins to break down, I go straight to Creativity.  How can I find a creative (sincere!) way to bring respect and compassion back to the conversation and begin again?  A hug or a handshake will do that faster than anything I've ever seen...without a word being spoken.  We need to think creatively when the usual means of communication don't seem to be working for us.  There are many ways to get one's point across - both subtle and non-subtle -- but we need to think about communication more creatively if we are to make it work the way we want it to.

Courage:  No two ways about it, communicating one's message honestly takes Courage.  The million dollar question is, of course: "how can I have the courage to be honest and not hurt the other person's feelings?"  I won't lie to you -- this is probably THE most challenging part of good communication.  People are sensitive. They have feelings. (Some people are very sensitive.)  How do we find the courage to say what we need to say without causing emotional harm?  There are many tools we can use to do this, but long-story short, it is about all the "C's" mentioned so far and one other element that takes much practice:  learning when to speak and when to keep silent.  One of the most important tools you will learn in the my Life Coach Program is how to determine when to speak and when not to speak.  Both of these choices, depending on the situation, require Courage.

Listening:  And finally, The Big L....LISTENING.  There is a beauty, serenity and magic in moments of authentic listening.  All of the C's I have mentioned fall naturally into place when two people are truly in the moment and really listening to each other.  As Fern Gorin of the Life Purpose Institute has said, "Listening is a state of being."  When true listening is taking place, neither person is thinking about what they are going to say next.  Each person is simply absorbing and taking in the other person on a deeper, more spiritual plane.  In my Life Coach Program, I will show you the skills on how to become a better listener.  It will literally change your life...and quite possibly the lives of those around you. 

If the ideas above resonate with you and you would like to talk (i.e. communicate) with me about learning my Life Coach Program and creating a step-by-step plan towards creating a life where you get what you want, please feel free to contact me.  My favorite thing about successful brings human beings together in deep and delightful ways and can be applied to any problem you have.  The joy and peace that result are fantastic!

Wishing you the very best,


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